Tax Collection Cases

Tax Collection cases are fairly common and are usually not particularly complicated. However, there are very few people who have the specialized knowledge and experience to handle tax collection procedures.

IRS Tax Collection in California

In the State of California, there are only a handful of tax professionals who hold themselves out as competent tax collection defense attorneys. As a former chair of the California State Bar’s Tax Procedure and Procedure Committee, I am one of the few California tax professionals who has experience in both federal and state tax collection matters.

Taxpayers who owe taxes in excess of their ability to pay only have a few options. There are state and federal programs that exist to resolve these cases, but they are very technical. These programs include:

  • Instalment Agreements
  • Offers in Compromise
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Bankruptcy
  • “Currently Not Collectible” Determinations

I have successfully represented taxpayers in resolving their tax liabilities using all of these programs. I have even been hired as “special tax counsel” by bankruptcy lawyers in complex cases where tax liabilities are part of complicated bankruptcy cases.



If you owe taxes but are unable to pay, I can assist you with developing plans for resolving your tax debts  no matter how simple or sophisticated they need to be. Whether the answer is a simple installment agreement, an offer in compromise, an innocent spouse claim, request for abatement, or bankruptcy, I can help you resolve your tax debt and get you back on your feet.

Dealing with IRS tax collection employees on your own can be scary.

Because of the nature of their job, tax collection employees are often people with strong personalities whose goal is to take money from people who did not pay voluntarily. They are well trained and know how to use the federal tax collection laws to collect the money for the government.

IRS tax collection employees can easily run rough-shot over a taxpayer who does not know or understand his or her rights. However, when they know they are dealing with an attorney (especially one with IRS experience) who knows what they are and are not allowed to do, they are generally more reasonable and will work with you to resolve your tax debt without seizing your property or levying your bank accounts. In the tax collections area of the law, more than others, the ability to negotiate and persuade is almost as important as knowledge of the law. In over 30 years, I have had great success resolving hundreds of difficult tax collection cases favorably for my clients.

Experienced Tax Collections Attorney in Los Angeles, California

Getting the IRS off of your back is no small feat, and trying to tackle things alone usually makes matters much worse. I am a former IRS Revenue Agent, and as a CPA and Tax Attorney, I've helped hundreds of clients resolve their tax issues. Call or visit my Los Angeles office for practical solutions to your tax problems.